White Fillings / Bonded Restorations


Dental composites are also called white fillings, used in direct fillings. These materials are similar to those used in direct fillings and are tooth-colored. Compositions vary widely, with proprietary mixes of resins forming the matrix, as well as engineered filler glasses and glass ceramics. The filler gives the composite wear resistance and translucency. A coupling agent such as silane is used to enhance the bond between these two components. An initiator package begins the polymerization reaction of the resins when external energy (light/heat, etc.) is applied.

Composites are used mainly for direct restoration. Composites can be made of color matching the tooth, and the surface can be polished after the filling procedure has been completed.

Nowadays, composites are almost the most wildly used and economic dental filling materials, even though their strength, cosmetic result, and durability is not as high as porcelain,